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Stephanie Saunders Suskind (AKA Triple S) is an angel investor, philanthropist and thought leader.

As a self-described “positive deviant,” going against the grain of the typical educational background feels appropriate to share here but she did in fact graduate with a Masters from Florida International University.

After her Masters Stephanie had a 10 year stint in the corporate world, managing distressed real estate assets valued at over $100 million. She also contributed significantly to brand positioning, marketing, communication and sales development for law firms and hedge funds during the U.S. housing crisis.

After leaving the corporate world, Stephanie began investing in distressed real estate on her own and played a vital role in expanding online sales for new companies. Her outstanding efforts during the 2020 pandemic earned her recognition as a “Top 10 Social Media Influencer” by Forbes.

In her personal life, Stephanie is a champion for women's issues and mental health. She established the Suskind Family Foundation with her husband in 2020 to support the causes closest to her heart.

She is a world traveler and cultural connoisseur, always seeking opportunities to empower women to thrive and live their most vibrant lives.

Stephanie is a Miami native and a first-generation American on her mother's side.

She is also a Board Member at Sheba Medical, a Trustee of the Jewish Women’s Foundation for the Federation and a Global Citizen.

In all aspects of her life, Stephanie is a woman of integrity and authenticity, with a focus on guiding by example and calling people out on their bullsh*t. 

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