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A Glimpse into my life

I had the courage to take on a role in real estate during the housing crisis. Which was not your typical start in the land of real estate. So, to say I had the courage to take on this role during the housing crisis really means – I had the courage to represent the banks – who were better known as the big bad wolf back then.

I really had no exact plan with the endeavor, other than an intuitive pulse for a long rode forward to a recovered economy and a need to keep my feet planted which led me to staying put and I climbed the corporate banking ladder. At my five-year mark I was managing accounts which maintained upwards of $100m in distressed real estate.

With this I gained a rare advantage of experiencing the entire landscape of real estate from a cradle to grave perspective ranging from bankruptcy & foreclosure to bulk acquisitions & trades on a national level while also focusing on brand positioning & scale >  revenue increase for the top service providers in the space. With a decade of hard work, my knowledge of real estate took me to a new level of investing on my own. After making my exist from corporate I began a personal journey of investing in both residential and commercial real estate & helping traditional business models excel in brand recognition and sales generation through my consulting agency Cultiveu.

On a personal note, I am a tech enthusiast with an obsessive passion for helping people.

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real estate

Residential and commercial real estate investor , reach out for JV opportunities.

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Cultiveu. is a full service consulting agency specializing in growth for visibility and revenue through sales force.

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NFT community with 100% of proceeds supporting charity partners.

The Experience

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Earned Bachelors in Political Science - from Florida Atlantic University

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Earned Masters in Business Administration and minor in Communications from Florida International University

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