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Forbes Top Social Media Influencer of 2020




Stephanie's career path hasn't always been a laser straight line to success.  However, there have been a couple of reliable constants, real estate, thriving against the odds and the ability to market herself.


Stephanie entered the job market just as the subprime mortgage crisis was wreaking havoc on the economy in 2006, and she took a job in the one sector that was hiring -- distressed properties.  Stephanie spent the next decade in corporate America building a reputation in creditor-owed real estate by leading client acquisitions and strategic marketing. Or, simply put, she helped the 800 pound gorillas make gains against consumers during the foreclosure crisis.


After ten years, she thankfully turned to the "good side" and became an equity stakeholder in United Claims Specialists -- a dynamic public adjusting firm specializing in residential and commercial properties. Finally able to put her love of real estate and knowledge of marketing and branding to use for a proper cause with a national reach with her Husband Joe Suskind - who is the founder. 

Her main objective with this venture is to help property owners keep money that is rightfully theirs - - after the many years on the other end. And speaking of the "good side," what's not to love about helping people recoup their losses, restore their properties and protect their hard-earned assets.


On the heels of that success, I’ve also launched S2 Marketing to help other business professionals effectively harness the potential of social media to advance their brands.  And I'm also hosting a podcast on that subject called The S2 Show.


Finally, and something I'm equally passionate about, is my role with the Suskind Foundation -- a charity I founded in 2019.  We specialize in meeting the immediate needs of communities, often on a block-by-block basis, that have been severely impacted by natural and economic disasters.



Subsequent to her corporate life in the distressed real estate market, Stephanie also formed an investment group where she is an active note buyer and multi-family property owner and stays in the know of distressed real estate trends as markets ebb and flow. 


Fast forward to 2016 she launched a consulting firm applying her skills in brand positioning and brand storytelling for service based businesses looking to up their ante in a visual sense. And began dabbling in social media marketing.


Social media is an awesome way to educate potential customers about your services and Stephanie did this for a niche market during the 2020 pandemic in a new way. After 10 months of execution and ditching the former B2B perspective, She was named one of the nation's Top 10 Social Media Influencers of 2020 by Forbes Magazine.  It was an unexpected honor and high praise coming from Forbes.

On the heels of that success, Stephanie launched S2 Marketing to help other business professionals effectively harness the potential of social media to advance their brands. After striving during two economically challenging times in her life time Stephanie became passionate about helping others rise to the challenge and avoid setback from outside interference and began her journey as a keynote speaker geared towards inspiring aspiring entrepuners. 


As well as a podcast on the subject on building empires with successful business owners who share their own triumphs, failures and realities called The S2 Show, where experts join Stephanie in discussing the reality of what goes into pushing beyond the limits we place on ourselves in a monetary sense. 


Finally, and something she is equally passionate about, is her role with the Suskind Foundation -- a charity Stephanie founded in 2020 during the corona virus outbreak. Which initially set out to provide assistance in the community for housing and disaster preparedness related to natural disasters but quickly - - a mentorship program was introduced to the foundations effort as well as a grant program geared towards continuing education in the tech realm. After the two recession pivots Stephanie mastered she became determined to help others who are in need of a career change and way forward.The foundation is looking to the future generations abilities to become innovators in the technology spaces and has several continuing ed grants available. She speaks at many organizations to assistance in how to place yourself above common mental health illnesses and other deterrents to place yourself in the right light as markets and career aspirations pivot. Stephanie is also an active Angel investor and philanthropist. 


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Stephanie is available  to speak on podcasts and at live events as a panelist on topics related to branding, social media influencer marketing, LinkedIn business marketing strategy, distressed real estate, public adjusting, women in business, career pivoting and entrepreneurship. 

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